Monday, March 9, 2015

The Flip Part #2

Continuation on flip house...
I just realized I never put up the finale pictures from the foreclosure/flip house. We sold this beauty in June of 2014 and while a ton of work and a lot of "we'll never do this agains," we did learn a lot!  If you want to see part 1 click here.  I've mixed in some before/after shots, those are my favorites!

Not much changed on the outside! Some yard work, power washing, and painted doors.
The wood floors had such deep stains the surface finishing we had done didn't really touch them.  I like the white marble tiles Eric installed.  I checked for loose bricks...was really hoping to find some treasure in this 1900 build!  No such luck! ;)

Great staircase!

Love this sun-room!

Entry before...

Entry after

Dining room - I have to add the before picture on this one:
Wow.  Just wow. 

This isn't the best "finale" picture as we had crown added to the cabinets and some trim work left to do, but MUCH better!


If I had this kitchen to do over again, I'd do it white and not this "distressed" look.  It would have made an awesome white/country kitchen, but we were trying to use supplies we had and the goal was to fix it up and make profit.  It is easy to get carried away!


Master bath

Separate staircase to master

Front bedroom

All original tile!  We added the vanity and that was about it!
While I can't count how many times we uttered phrases like "we'll never do this again" and "this is a first and a last!".  We are undertaking yet another makeover come 2015.  Totally different setting, this one is titled "Little House in the Big Woods"...we are channeling our inner Laura Ingalls and Eric will be starring as the handsome Charles.  I married a pioneer of sorts.  This hasn't always been easy and I can't say I have cheerfully and always said "YES!" to his ideas, but God is growing me and I am trying to be supportive.  I just read recently:
Saying yes to our adventurous and visionary husbands communicates “I believe in you”.
It communicates respect. My husband thrives, he is fulfilled and driven to provide for our family, when he feels I respect and believe in him. 

So I will try to control the eye rolls and the "you're crazy!" and love this crazy man and his ideas as we walk this journey.  If you'll excuse me now, I have to look up YouTube videos on staining a log cabin...

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  1. Well, Caroline...I am sure this log house will turn out as equally beautiful as the large colonial! Your journey in life together certainly has been fun and interesting so far!!!