Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TJ Maxx, cookies, and other loves...

The girls and I ventured out yesterday and after contemplating the possible reasons why TJ Maxx has two "x's" in its name we decided we loved the place anyways.  Olivia reminded us of the phonics rule she just learned.  When a word has two consonants at the end we only say it once.  She pronounced it flawlessly...see shopping is practically a field trip.  My conscience is eased.  In all fairness, I venture out very little these days...loading and unloading a squirmy 20 month old is a less than desirable shopping condition.   Not to mention the need to down three children for arctic weather conditions only for them to get piping hot the minute we are in the store.  I end up holding three huge winter coats while sweating in my own...I am so ready for spring!  That being said...yesterday was great.  We did my three store limit (anything more than that is just asking for a meltdown, by me and/or the children). :)  Our first stop:  The Maxx
Why do I love  TJ Maxx you ask?  Let me show you the awesomeness that a mere $14.99 brings:
 It matched my existing Walmart lamp perfectly!

The canisters are semi-new and came from a friend called Target...I really like that place too!

This is a great cookie recipe that only requires 5 ingredients!  They are ingredients you almost always have on hand too, which makes them a good last-minute, desperation-type dessert.  Another bonus: they are flourless!  I know a lot of people these days who are sensitive to gluten/wheat, my grandma is currently restricting her gluten intake.  Here is the recipe:

5 Ingredient Choc. Chip Cookies

1 c creamy peanut butter
1 c firmly packed brown sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 c semi sweet choc. chips

350 degrees.  Mix all ingredients except choc. chips add in chips after dough is well blended.  Form    1 1/2 inch balls (dough will be sticky) place on an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake 9 min.  Let cookies set for 1 min before removing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Banner of Love

Jesus is the rock of my salvation His banner over me is love...does anyone remember this song?  I remember many a children's church singing that song.  It has a gazillion verses and I didn't appreciate it then, but those words came flooding back into my memory today.  How beautiful and comforting are the words!  "The Lord is mine and I am His"  What a perfect Valentine's song.  You know those candy's that say "Be Mine"...the Lord is mine!  What a thought!

I highly recommend giving it a is sure to bring a smile to your face! :)

For Valentines I wanted to make some kind of decoration that I could use again.  After searching other blogs I got some ideas and headed to Hobby Lobby.  Love. That. Store.    I found this ribbon at Costco that I love:
Since it is a ginormous roll I have plans to use it at Christmas too.
There it is...our Banner of Love; however, secondary to our First Banner of Love. ;)
My friend made these...aren't they the cutest Valentines?
Tea for Two?

Her shirt says it all!

Valentine #1

 I MUST insert a story regarding the beautiful bouquet of flowers that is on my dining room table (in the picture below).  We had a warm streak of weather this week and the girls were able to go get their bikes out of Gma and Gpa's garage.  Also in their garage is a pile of leftover garage sale goodies that Mel Trotter never got around to picking up....SOOO, Olivia comes bearing this gift for me  and says "here you go mommy, Happy Valentines...Chloe said you wouldn't want them, but they are for you".  Her thoughtfulness was precious.
Valentine #2

The littlest Valentine

My Valentine
Valentine package from Grandma B.