Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Condron Boy??

Does that title make you curious?  We get asked ALL the time..."going to try for a boy?"  The answer is still emphatically the same - NO! :)  Unless God places a boy in our path we feel our family is very complete.  We are quite content with our little girls; however, we got a glimpse of what a Condron boy might look like.
One word. Scissors.

Yes.  I cried.  The other side looks the same.  Apparently this girl took - the 80's are back - a little too seriously.  A mullet? Seriously M?
About a month ago I gave her a darling new haircut:

I could see the wheels spinning as I was cutting her hair.  I debated in my mind, should I address the scissors or leave it alone?  I decided to address it that way if she chose to get into them she had been warned and I could parent accordingly (ya catch ma drift??).   So we had the whole "ONLY mommy cuts hair or Miss Leigh Ann the stylist...Megan, scissors are for paper, etc."  She seemed to get it, you know raise your hand, repeat after me, blah, blah, blah.
Well, when mom and dad went out for a date she gave herself a "bang trim".  I think she figured the babysitter wouldn't be able to punish her so she took advantage of the situation.  Regardless, after dealing with that episode I thought at least the scissor thing was behind us. 
Apparently I was dead wrong.  On the positive side she doesn't have much more hair that she CAN cut!  That is a very small positive, we are grasping at straws.  I probably should have seen this coming.  Her track record isn't in her favor:
I realize posting all these is going to make people think I never watch the kid...go ahead judge me.  ;)
I seriously thought we had a chipmunk in our vent because I heard this *ping, ping...nope just Megan losing some of her candy during a raid of her sisters stash. 
This picture doesn't do the nail polish on the carpet justice.  I have family (right Ryan??) that can vouch for me on this one...we were eating Sunday dinner and she couldn't have been gone for more than ten minutes when I went to check on her...I think there is video footage of this doozy too.  
Grape juice meet carpet. I realize kids spill, you just have to laugh at this point - or call the carpet cleaners.
Anyways, I figure I have documentation of what exactly put me in the funny farm when the time comes, because at this rate the time WILL come!! ;)
OH and what makes things even more ironic...guess what I scheduled the morning of this infamous hair day??  Yup, family pics. Sure did.  Bring on the headbands.
After a lot of gasping, everyone pawing at little Megan's head, and the "I can't believe its", we stopped and I saw this pathetic little girl who is so full of mischief, but yet she can warm our hearts in an instant.  I made everyone promise that we wouldn't talk about it anymore.  We love her in spite of her craziness.  Bald and all. ;)  I am sure she will laugh at this one day or at the least understand when she is crying over her little girl's new hair cut someday.  (Yes, I still remember the haircut I gave myself...I was in first grade).  This morning before she climbed up on her daddy's lap she put a little hat on and smiled with that great big smile of hers, like "now I am good?".  It broke my heart.  God doesn't require that we come to Him with a hat on when we've been naughty, He loves us in spite of us.  He is a forgiving Father and full of compassion.  I want my kids to feel the same with us.  We can deal with it, but then its done, its over.  We love you M&M!  Now quick, everyone go hide every single pair of scissors you can find!! ;) can't help but love her!