Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Michigan's Adventure - Adventure

Yesterday was a big day.  The long awaited field trip/award trip hosted by our daughter's school.  Yes, that is right, it was roller coaster - errrr, I mean flying Dumbo time.  Contain yourselves folks, because we had a Frog Hoppin' good time.  I am sure they were explaining to these "big" girls the ropes, and at what point the ride gets really "hoppy"...look at them holding hands, its precious and a sure safe way to take any lingering qualms away. *sigh*

I discovered new things about my daughter.
#1.  She did not inherit mine nor my husband's passion for fast roller coasters.
#2.  Strongly encouraging her to go on Mad Mouse, did not equal a happy ending (we should have taken our cues from the girl exiting that had tears coming down her face...pshhh wimp).  My thought process was like it is when it comes to food, "don't tell me you don't like it until you've tried it".  So I went all "Green Eggs and Ham" on her, and I almost got my due justice of green eggs and ham ON me.
#3. I learned that her love can be quickly won back with multiple rides on the flying Dumbo and airplanes...the girl was all smiles again.

#4. I learned that I don't want her to start driving soon. 
This made me flash forward in my mind to a day that I know will come all too quickly and for a few seconds my heart was sad.   I like that she loves having me with her and needs me.  I hope and pray we always stay close, but independence is only natural.  OK, put on the brakes, literally - getting WAY too sappy.  So my natural reaction as a passenger?  Well, I suppose the engineers of such rides must have had kids, because after-all what does EVERY kid want? To be the driver of course!  So since there is only one steering wheel, the passenger gets a little button that sounds the horn (this little button was made to pacify the fact that you are indeed just a piddly passenger).  I was happily honking, when my daughter informed me that I was distracting her driving.  MY OH MY how the tables have turned! lol   Perhaps she will understand her mother a little better when I pull the plug on such screeching in our own vehicle.  See, we just learned a lot about each other today.
 Oh and this picture is definitely going in her scrap book...aren't they precious?!
#5. I learned that to have a whale of a good time you don't need much...
I have to insert a little side note here.  The little girl/bosom buddy with my daughter is the daughter of a friend I had growing up!  We had a great time catching up and watching our girls have fun together. 
#6.  I learned that little girls do not like the smell of exhaust, much unlike their counterparts - boys.  Look at her friend holding her nose!! SO cute.
Reason #2 I am not thrilled with the driving experience to begin?  The attendant had to get them "unstuck" at least four was hysterical.
Chloe trying to make her daddy proud and pass like they do on Nascar. :)
#7.  The last thing that I learned was that the Frog Hopper can become a lot  more exciting when you coerce your "not-so-sure" friend that she will have a blast.  When they spotted their friend they screeched her name and convinced her to give it a try, after-all they were experienced and "owned" that ride! :)
It was a great day of learning, laughing, and spending time with my fast growin' girl!!
Thank you Lord!