Monday, December 31, 2012

The winner is...

Our M&M.  I was going through pictures from November and December and it occurred to me that our third child wins the prize for funniest pictures of the year.  I'd like to dedicate this post to M.  Whom, as of late, is more often on the naughty list than the good, but she adds spice to our lives in a way that is endearing. She has the mouth of a sailor (if words like stupid and poop count) and yet she is the most animated and funny girl too.  She is rough and tough, but changes her clothes about ten times a day.  She loves nail polish.   I've learned a lot about nail polish seems to find its way on everything BUT nails.  There are days when I want to go find a job or reside at Pine Rest Mental Institution. ;)  I kid.  Well sort of...
Today as we snuggled in for a nap (because if I didn't lay down with her we were liable for any damages that may incur while we "thought" she was napping) and after we read "three books" she laid her sweet little hand across my shoulder and says "I love you mommy."  Melted. 



The classic Christmas picture

So precious in those Christmas jammies...uhhhh
 The seals smelled really bad!
Please note the roped off area and where M is standing...Rule. Breaker.  Was giving her momma a heart attack in the process!

And then there is little is our goal in this relationship ;)
Dad's girl

She is the one in the glass bowl...with her tongue hanging out...

  She LOVES the snow and often asks to get her "snowing clothes" on to play outside

Grandma got this perfect shirt!

This picture speaks for itself...

Whats Not to Love?!?!