Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Girls Table Redo

We bought this little table from our neighbors garage sale about five years ago and the girls have used it a lot!  It has seen several tea parties, coloring sessions, lemonade stands, picnics, forts, etc. All that use and it was looking pretty sad!

Before taking it apart...

Very simple to just unscrew and add fabric and vinyl covering

All finished!

All ready for a bbq!  I couldn't resist the plates since they matched so perfectly and were the perfect "girl" size

We found this little stool at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section...I was bummed they only had one (we may check the other store)   

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Spring must be on its way because this week I have been in a purging/organizing mood.  I am not sure I will be able to wait until May to have a garage sale...Goodwill may just be getting a visit this year instead!
This week my goal is to get our basement storage area organized.  I got started this past Saturday after purchasing a "chotty-botty" organizer at Costco. Chotty-botty you ask?  Yes, that is what I said.  It is a phrase that was made up by my mom and her brothers when they were little kids.  Anything that had neat little drawers or knick-knacky type features was referred to as chotty-botty.  There were two kinds of things in their world: chotty-botty and mishy-mashy (there is even a tune that goes along with it).  I will direct you to my mom for further explanation. :)  OH! There was another one, basilities, I am not even sure how to spell these made up words, and I am pretty sure you all have thought I have lost my marbles by now.
This is how my china dishes have looked since Thanksgiving. *blush*
Doesn't that look like a wonderful way to store fragile dishes?!?! On a concrete floor...I really don't think that one piece of tissue paper is doing a whole lot of good! :P It might protect it from a fly landing on it...outside of that I can only think of one word. Futile.

Insert China Story:
I think the tradition of buying china for newlyweds is near obsolete.  However, shortly after we were married I saw this set at a thrift store and couldn't believe that it was #1. So large.  There were 16 cups/saucers, 15 plates (I recently ordered four more from ebay for this past Thanksgiving), 20 soup bowls, platters, gravy boat/salt shaker and lots more.  #2. It was so cheap for china ($!  Well folks, I walked away from that thrift store empty handed.  I reasoned myself out of it because I  thought "what am I going to do with 20 soup bowls" my current state that was approximately eighteen too many!  Storing the set in an apartment was also probably not the most feasible task.  I hadn't been married that long, but long enough to know the look on my dear husband's face would have been like "you did whaaaat???"
Well, I must have been second-guessing this decision because I remember talking to my mom about it that week and was SURE someone had probably nabbed it.  Fall past and Christmas came...*sniff*...guess what was under the tree from my momma?!?!  Yup and a husband can't say "whaaaat..." to a gift! hehe  Although, those of you that know my hubby know if he can pull off pink dress shirts, he may just be excited with me about my china gift- and he was! Fun fact: He worked in a china replacement shop during high school and guess who knew the pattern? Shocker, huh?!   See, this is why God gave us all girls. :)
Exit Story.

This is the nifty container rack.  I like all the different sizes and options.  It was so fun separating napkins rings from candles from linens, etc. Yes, I do just believe I showed the world how much of a nerd I am..the fact that such things would be make me giddy.

This past Thanksgiving we were blessed to have a table filled with family and friends and put the obscene amount of china to work!

This is part one of a two part series. The rest of the "storage wars" will hopefully happen sometime this week.