Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

This is my page dedicated to the crazy things my children do, the sweet things they may say, and the ways they remind me that they truly are gifts from God!
August 31, 2010
It is the night before Olivia turns 5 and we do our traditional "at this time 5 years ago..." trip down memory lane.
I remember it was a Wednesday because I decided to stay home from church.  I vividly remember sitting on our kitchen bar stool as Eric kissed me goodbye "you gonna be alright?" he asked.  "Yeah, I just feel tired and achy, go ahead without me."  We did our normal bedtime routine, one last time with only one child (this thought makes me smile...only ONE to put to bed!) what in the world was there to stress about! lol   I crawled into bed (as gracefully as a 9 month pregnant person can) and I wasn't down longer than 10 minutes and I had a huge contraction.  Nervousness set in...this could be it...ok, maybe it was a fluke.  I went downstairs and turned on the tv to distract myself...5 min. later exactly another big one.  I go upstairs and give the phrase that I have been waiting 9 long months to say, "Eric wake up, this is it!".  He pops up pretty quick and says "are you sure" I sure?  Seriously why does this phrase bother me...would I have just told you my favorite saying if I weren't sure???  Ok, the crazy lady has officially set in and he knows I am for real.  He calls the Dr. and my mom and sister.  My sister Heidi made it to our house the soonest (flying in the "Brady mobile" - silver station wagon).  I also remember talking to Eric's dad in our driveway before we left.  He had just flown in from California with his mom, Grandma Mary.  He was going to get her settled in and meet us at the hospital.  Bonnie was on her way within the next day or two, she had just dropped off Ryan and Pensacola. 
The 40 minute drive to the hospital took us only 30 and I remember it not being pleasant.  We must have gotten to the hospital around 12:30-1ish.  Olivia was born in the early morning 4-something (isn't that horrible...I'll have to look up the exact time).   My mom was able to be in the room when she was being born and I think that is really special especially since Olivia bears her middle name "Sue".  My first words when I saw her was that she looked just like her sister.  She was so passive and only cried for a little bit.  Even during her first bath she didn't peep.  I was in love immediately.  7lbs 2 oz of pure sweetness!
Grandma Sue with Olivia Sue - "Then & Now" :)

Mom's little helper :)

Sept. 20th , 2010
After spending the weekend at Grandma's house, I was given a story that was written by Chloe.
It started, "once a pond a time..."lol
Same day, Olivia had her first math evaluation after her second week of school.
Mom: count from 1 to 10  Olivia: (long pause) "one, ten"
For the record she did go on to count to over sixty, but I thought that was funny.
It wouldn't be complete without a little something from is a trick she learned today:
October 3, 2010
I was going through Chloe's school papers this morning and was very impressed with her handwriting!
Chloe is in 2nd grade this year and loves anything that has to do with art or drawing.

November 22, 2009
We were cooking dinner tonight and Olivia, ever curious, was watching what I was doing.  I had mushrooms I was cutting and she says, "Oh good! Marshmallows!"   We had a quick review of the differences between mushrooms and marshmallows.  What a sweetie!