Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eggplant & Zucchini Spaghetti

Favorite dish of the far!

This is the same recipe except I forgot to add the mozzarella balls (shhhh, don't tell my cheese-loving husband!).  It really was an accident, I have the pricey boogers just sitting in my fridge waiting to be used!  I will happily make this soon and add the cheese, much to Eric's delight!


So I decided to do my first entry about something that happened on the "first" day of the week.  It was Sunday and I had put our trusty crock-pot to work (as it works for me almost every Sunday since everyone is famished by the time we get home from church).  I put a towel down on the table before dishing out the chicken - the towel was worthless as you can see:

It was quite upsetting.  Eric tells me of this guy he met that does furniture re-surfacing...we think "is the table even worth what he will probably charge?"  After a day or two of looking at this hideous spot, I decided to google some home remedies.  A post about an iron and white t-shirt kept popping up - at this point I have nothing to lose!  Ready, logical side is screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH AN IRON ON YOUR TABLE!"  After-all, isn't that how the spot got there in the first place???
My impulsive side goes for it and this time it wins! :) 

What did we do before "google"...a re-finishing man that would have probably brought his iron and white t-shirt and charged me $100.
Just a note, before trying this at home, I think the key was having an iron with the "steam" feature.  The idea is to get the moisture back into the table.  From what I read anyways, I am no expert!

A little polish and we are as good as new!
 I know what you all are thinking..."she needs one of those "hot pads" - I am on it!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Before & After

This week the cool air was a welcome change to the hot, sticky August weather we've had lately.  On Wednesday, I took advantage of the day and tackled my perennial garden.  I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but alas, I was happy just to keep a 13 month old happy while on my mission.  This was as close to the "before" as I could get...
But the AFTER makes it all worth it!

My "crew"
Olivia came out to help me in her winter gloves (mimicking my garden gloves), but the swing set was calling and she didn't like being "pricked".