Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I decided to do my first entry about something that happened on the "first" day of the week.  It was Sunday and I had put our trusty crock-pot to work (as it works for me almost every Sunday since everyone is famished by the time we get home from church).  I put a towel down on the table before dishing out the chicken - the towel was worthless as you can see:

It was quite upsetting.  Eric tells me of this guy he met that does furniture re-surfacing...we think "is the table even worth what he will probably charge?"  After a day or two of looking at this hideous spot, I decided to google some home remedies.  A post about an iron and white t-shirt kept popping up - at this point I have nothing to lose!  Ready, logical side is screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH AN IRON ON YOUR TABLE!"  After-all, isn't that how the spot got there in the first place???
My impulsive side goes for it and this time it wins! :) 

What did we do before "google"...a re-finishing man that would have probably brought his iron and white t-shirt and charged me $100.
Just a note, before trying this at home, I think the key was having an iron with the "steam" feature.  The idea is to get the moisture back into the table.  From what I read anyways, I am no expert!

A little polish and we are as good as new!
 I know what you all are thinking..."she needs one of those "hot pads" - I am on it!


  1. Wow, I'm amazed! Good work googling!

  2. I often wonder what mothers did before google as well! How many times have we googled an illness symptom or a virus that is going around?!
    So glad you are blogging! Now we have one more to get on the bandwagon....