Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tile Job

I can't even tell you how many times we've done a home project and in the end we say "why didn't we do that sooner?!?!"  Usually the end result is great and we were "over-thinking" it to begin with.  Yes, I choose to end that sentence in a preposition.  It is my blog.  I. Don't. Care. (I sure hope my high school english teacher doesn't read this because I really loved her!).
In efforts to get our home spruced up for selling we decided to use some left over tile that Eric's parents had in their basement.  This project was FREE...even down to the grout, again we ask "why" did we wait?  We had talked about it for a long time since the tile has been there for nearly four years.  Eric was thinking up some fancy design and was debating cutting the tiles into triangles; however, we came to the conclusion that simple was better.  It is a basic fiberglass insert type bathroom and doing too much might look out of place and leave one wishing for more.  So in one evening we (meaning Eric doing all the work and me handing him tiles) went from this:

 To this:
I did buy a new curtain rod (the curved kind) and it is amazing how much more spacious it makes the shower feel! I highly recommend them!

Another home project we did within the last year (that we wished we had done sooner) was our laundry room. The folding table/ledge and extra cabinets to hold detergent are pure bliss!
The cabinets and counter top were from a discount home improvement place and cost under $100.  Besides paint and some brackets this was a pretty cheap make-over!


  1. Any project you do always turns out fabulous! Can we hire you and Eric as redecorating consultants? Funny you mentioned the shower rod. Every time we are at a hotel I always think "why don't we get one of these?".

  2. The projects look great! I really like the tile above the surround. I hope the new owners appreciate your hard work!

    The laundry room looks so nice how you updated it! My laundry area is in my unfinished basement, kind of plunked into the middle of the basement, so I can't really do anything spiffy down there. But that's ok, I spend as little time down there as possible. ;)

  3. the tile looks great! good job. I never thought about getting a curved rod, but they do give so much more space. That was a great thought :)
    I remember when you posted pics of your red laundry room and I loved it. My laundry room is aqua blue. It is fun to have a painted room to do laundry, right?
    so exciting all the good things God is doing in your lives! Can't wait to see some pics of the inside of your new house once you are settled.