Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie

Yesterday I decided to cook up some good ole' comfort food and had purchased all the ingredients for a chicken pot pie recipe I found in this month's Bon Appetit magazine.  It was one of those things that the "picture" looked really good so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I had glanced through the instructions and was banking on an hour to prepare...totally miscalculated that one.  I started dinner around 4pm and it was 8pm when we ate!!!  Pretty much a bedtime snack - ugh.  I think I used as many pots and pans as I would on Thanksgiving.  It was insane.  Needless to say the description of this recipe is accurate, "If you're only going to make one pot pie from scratch in your life, this is the recipe to use"...should that have been a red flag or what?!?!  Granted it was ahhh-mazing, my ability to enjoy it was diminished as I looked at the pile of dishes and chicken carcass awaiting my clean-up.  I almost took a picture of my kitchen...I should have, let's just say it wasn't pretty!
On the positive side, this dish is packed full of flavor and the herbs really add great flavor.  It was a great culinary learning experience!  You can view the recipe by clicking on the link below:

The sauce thickened up quite a bit too, but we had no time to spare as this puppy came out of the oven at almost 8pm!!  It was a good thing the hubs was out late working on a remodel project and didn't get home until 10pm...dinner was still warm. ;)

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  1. It looks good though :-) I just use Betty Crocker. It can't be as tasty, but it's really easy :-)