Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hope Chest Make-Over

I had to laugh when I typed this title...on my 18th birthday I received this beloved hope chest from my parents and after I opened it my dad called it my "hopeless chest". LOL  He was a master at coming up with witty titles and slogans.  See,  I was dating Eric and by this time I think we all knew he was "the one", but my dad was probably still in denial or trying not to think about me getting married!  I can truthfully say, now that we have four girls of our own, I know how protective a father can be (though I didn't appreciate it at the time...sure wish I could tell him that).  Uggh...tears.
Alrighty then, I didn't mean to get all emotional and hadn't even THOUGHT about that story until I typed in that title. The morning of my birthday my mom asked me if I wanted anything special for dinner...I was just heading out the door for work and was feeling like this was just going to be an ordinary day.  She was a stinker though, because she had planned a big surprise deck party for me that evening!  It was so fun and it was truly a huge a surprise! I am going to ask her for pictures and will try to update this later. 
*Here are a couple from the party my mom found*
My dad's parents and my dad hiding behind the gift bag. ;)  And little Leah or perhaps Hannah?...not sure what she is doing out by the pool? Hide and seek?? ;)

Some of the best friends a girl could ask for!!  Gib cracks me up...trying to stay out of the "girl" shot. ;)  Oh, good memories!

On to my hopeless chest..when I took off the top to recover it I had to laugh...there were four or five different materials stapled to it:
Covered in sage...right before O was born.

Covered in red...

I always start into a project and then forget to take pictures!!  Here it is knob-less before painting it.

After a coat of Valspar primer and flat spray paint (it only took 3/4 can of primer and 1 can of paint!). I have lots of pink spray paint left over and I'm thinking frames or shelves...the possibilities are endless.

The minky material on top was only $8 and the paint was aprox. $6 a can so relatively a cheap face-lift.

Still have not ruled out distressing the just makes me nervous to whip out sandpaper at this point.

Her bedding came this week and I found these prints at Lowe's that had the right colors in them!

Armoire from my mom's house!  Its perfect for her room.

Can't wait to see her in her clothes...*sigh*  Nesting at its finest. :)

Hoping to have a nursery reveal by the end of the month...paint is being purchased this weekend and hopefully white trim/board and batten will be going up soon.   We aren't in a huge rush because she will be staying in our room until the night feedings are through - oh boy- I just scared myself, this is really about to happen...

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  1. Wasn't that 18th surprise party...yesterday??? I also remember that Hope Chest had a little card in there from Lane stating how no matter where you are or how far away you are, you can store your memories in it. At the time, I was SURE you'd be living life w/ Eric far away...probably in CA and being so emotional thinking of this. But this ended up not being God's plan and what a treasure to see you "up close" as a wonderful wife and mama.
    Don't know where that all came from...guess the "Hope Chest memories"<3 mom