Monday, April 30, 2012


Have you ever said a word so much it starts to sound funny?  This has happened to me during the past few days...I have been just beside myself with this giddy feeling of being pampered.  Not feeling at all like the stay-at-home, just had a baby, not getting a full nights sleep, chasing after a two-yr old mother that I am. I am feeling the MOST pampered I have ever felt before.  Here is Webster's definition of the word:
1 archaic : to cram with rich food : glut
a : to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention <pampered their guests>
Both the above scenarios (unfortunate for #1 due to a bridesmaids dress that I must muster up courage to sport in less than two weeks) are an accurate description of the past few days.  My husband earned his way into something called "Presidents Club" in 2011 for his performance in his career.  I am very proud of my hard working man and feel extremely blessed to join him for this trip in recognizing his hard work.  We are in Toronto, CA and staying at the Ritz Carlton. Nuff said? 
I keep laughing because we are surrounded by opulence that we are not accustomed to!  I feel like chewing out dear housekeepers who curtsy at me...really?  I totally empathize with their job...I do it all day.  Maybe I should give my children a curtsy after picking up their dirty towels.  Forget "maybe", I am totally going to do that. 
It has been a special time with my man (it has been a big adjustment going from three to four kids) and we were able to bring our baby girl with us...two months old already.  We are loving the bonding time!  Eric and I have been traveling down memory lane and remembering our first baby - wondering "what was there to stress about with ONE child?!?!".  I know we felt like at the time like our lives "changed forever", but really after managing four, one seems like childs play (no pun intended). hehe
Our first day started with Tim Horton's and was followed by the Toronto Blue Jay's game.  Two Canadian staples.  Tim Horton's is the Canadian equivalent to Starbucks, but with better prices.  I guess Canada has got some things right...

 We came back to our room after the game to find this nice surprise:
Nice because I never take the time to plate my crackers and cut jam into perfect little squares for a mid-day snack.  I am usually grabbing a couple graham crackers and calling it good (string cheese on a good day). Pampered.

Our second day happened to be a Sunday and we took in God's beautiful creation on a walk along Lake Ontario:

Remember these guys? Yup, they're called "tele...." oh, never mind...
I also took advantage of the hotel spa and got a facial. Pampered times ten!!  Ahhh
We ended the day by finding a delightful little Italian restaurant and had the most romantical dinner (Abby cooperated lovely by sleeping).  We even got our OWN desserts, usually we share, hence the reference to #1 in Websters definition.
Tonight was the "black-tie" dinner, which unfortunately due to the nature of the event infants are not allowed.  Eric and his friend were going stag.  Man, did he look good!  Sure, I could have joined him if I wanted to pay a babysitting service $36 an hour.  Never mind the money, I could never leave my baby with a stranger, let alone in a foreign country.  I would not enjoy one bite of filet mignon or whatever delicacy they are enjoying as I type. 
This was my dinner (as I am apparently too cheap to pay $30 for a salad to be brought up to my room...don't even get me started on what actual food costs):
Yes...we had an espresso maker in our room.  We utilized this daily. ;)  I was tempted to go all "Macaulay Culkin" and order all kind of crazy things like in the Home Alone movie, but see, I do have SOME self control and that dress was ever present in my mind! :P

What a stud.  I think - no - I know he was getting a little annoyed with the picture taking, but can you blame me?!!?!  I love the ones of him and A...he is such a good daddy!

And this concludes our trip.  I am SO ready to get back to our other three.  We decided we are going to get up early so we can pick up the girls from school and surprise them.  While this trip was extremely wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating, etc.  I am ready to get back to my "day job". ;) 


  1. So fantastic! You deserved it. Such a great Momma to those beautiful girls!

  2. too, have your dad's humorous/expressive writing ability. Takes me from laughs to tears (seeing Eric in that tux, sniff, sniff)!! I am SO happy for you to get this "pampering" are ONE hard working mama and I can REALLY say that after the last 4 days!! No, the girls have been good only a few melts downs but let me say, I don't see how you could ever do WWF :)))))
    The girls will be thrilled to see you...on Sunday when Livvy walked through the door, Megan screamed "DADDY!!!!!!". She was one disappointed little girl to see that ALL the rest of the fam. was not there. Drive safe and I love you. Mom