Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dresser Makeover

Favorite. Project. To. Date.  Those periods just seem to emphasize my excitement to share this with you. 
Dresser story:
We were on our way to piano lessons about a month ago and we spotted a yard sale right along the way.  We stopped afterwards and I found not only this dresser, but a headboard, night stand and little chair for a grand total of....drum roll please...$35. Yes, you read that correctly.  TOTAL.  I probably would not have looked twice at this a year ago, but what with pinterest and all, the wheels were spinning.  Wish I had some original pictures.  This is what it looked like after a couple days of stripping the five hundred layers of paint off of it.
It has great detail and I like the little wheeled legs.  I was going to paint it all, but a dear retired friend of ours happened to stop by as I was stripping it and he said "its a shame people just cover that nice wood up with paint." I have guilt!  :)  He is a wonderful wood worker as is my grandpa.  I came up with a compromise and actually became quite excited about it.  Wood on the top, paint on the bottom!  Its a win, win.  The children have a mother because I won't be in the garage for the next 5 years trying to get paint out of those crevices AND I can still have my dear retired friends in our home without feeling guilty!  I'm joking of course. ;)
It was hard enough getting the paint completely off the top. 
Just me and my octo-sander...that thing is the bomb.

 It was SO easy to stain the top...I did a dark walnut colored stain and some knobs at Hobby Lobby:

It matches the dining set perfectly!


  1. Looks just as I imagined!! That took lots of work to strip/stain...but wow the outcome!!! Love your "new decorations", too:)))) Do not know HOW you do it all!!

  2. Hey Sarah! Love this transformation! Good call on staining the top - love the look and you will probably notice that there will be less chipping....since most wear occurs on the top of dressers. Your new house looks beautiful. Hope you and your family are having a great summer!

  3. Way to go Sarah!! You did a wonderful job! My wheels are also spinning getting ready to move into our house soon. Hope you're doing great-say hi to all for us.

  4. I love it! This gives me encouragement to have a go at this ugly wood veneer dresser we have, thanks!