Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sew, Sew, Sew Cute!!

My sista has some mad crazy sewing skillz.  Okay, talking that way + sewing don't really mix...when I think of someone sewing my mind goes all quiet, dainty and towards a cute little house wife.  That is one thing I like about my sister, she is that and she isn't...maybe I just know her fierce inner, wild side. ;)  This ALWAYS happens. Me gets sidetracked  (and yes, you grammatical freaks, *cough* Janelle and Julie) I meant to say "me gets". :P

Insert gorgeous sista:
See...she is cute even in a mustache!! Not many ladies can say that...         
 My sister made, as in bought the material and stitched together, MADE these bedding sets:
See that animal print?  Yup, I called it...fierce.
And the dainty side *blinks rapidly* :)
I adored the ribbon ties!

The coordinating pillows - she sewed these too!

The fabric print choices could not get any cuter! She even made the underside of the duvet cover out of a soft sheet so it would be cozy.  That is the great thing about sewing - sew custom! ;) Ok, I promise no more corny jokes.  She also did the bedskirts.  *swoon* 

Some other DIY likes:

Hanging baskets
Loved the mirror.  My sister and husband made the frame and added the corner details
Cute fall table runner she sewed
This table she re-finished to black...she is the queen of Craigslist finds!
This bathroom deserves its own page!!  The stripes were amazing and just the perfect accent.

New dining room wall decor.  We had a lot of fun putting this together during our visit.  Nothing screams girls night more than drilling holes in a wall!  She already had the black shelf and we found the shutters at Home Goods (coming soon near us!!!).  The clock we also found on one of our shopping outings
On our first day we took my nieces to get their hair done.  They have a really cute "kids salon" in their town.  Check it out...want the kid to look down?? Plop a puzzle in their lap. Genius.

Donating to Locks of Love
One cutie patootie!!

The girls "fed" their hair into a machine and out came a prize!!
We were able to celebrate my niece turning three - very special

Cousin love!


  1. your sister is awesome! It must be fun to have someone to be crafty with. Love the bedding sets. Very cute.

  2. Love that picture of Mellie with all her gifts!!!! So glad you captured Heidi's creativity...very cute blog :) I think she could have her own TV show called "Heidi Hosting Home" !!! Grandma Hudson should be SO proud!!!!