Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tea Time

For M's third birthday we got her a little table/chair set for her bedroom.  She has a cute little "cove" that needed something cute in it.  While we were on summer vacation the week before her birthday I stopped at an antique store when I saw this cute little set sitting out front:

Originally I was going to do her room in a "berry" theme so the seats really caught my eye.  I ended up going with a soft yellow/pink theme.  The chairs are solid wrought iron, but the table is pretty cheap and needed some girly-ness.   For a $1.47 I got material for new chair covers:
The table cloth still needs to be sewn (I will be visiting my momma for that). ;)  This is the look:
I can't decide whether or not to add the green fringe piece:
What do you think? I like that it matches the cupcakes, but I am not 100% sold.

Who wouldn't want to do tea with this cutie patootie?!?!?!


  1. Love the tutu and her infectious grin! I say go with the green, it gives it just a little added pop of color!

    1. Looks great Sarah!! I like it with the green too. Love to read up on you and your family:)

  2. Hey Sarah! Haven't visited your blog in a while. Love all the pictures of your "M". I LOVE the tablecloth. I, too, would totally go with the green trim! Love it - so girly!!!