Monday, October 4, 2010


Today was our first morning that we woke up to frost (in 2010 anyways!).  The girls thought it was snow!  I was feeling very much the need for comfort food and warm goodness.  Stew and homemade bread is the best remedy.  I also came across a blog today of a  Pastor's wife who shows love to her family and friends through the art of simple cooking.  I realize this isn't a novel idea, however, since both sermons yesterday dealt with this idea of fellowship & hospitality I have been chewing these things over in my mind.  As I was getting dinner around I remembered I had bought some Fall-ish placemats and napkins on clearance last year (.75 each!!).  I went downstairs and dug them out.  The girls helped with the napkins (cloth napkins are a big deal and they felt like they were invited to a fancy dinner party).  I am going to make an honest effort to put more into our dinner time (with our family and having others over more).  Just adding a couple extra things made for a memorable and cozy experience.  Chloe said something that touched me during dinner..."mom, if I were a lost girl I would want to come to this house and eat this warm soup." LOL  I told her we would welcome her anytime! ;)


  1. Sarah, you are such a good wife and mommy! I love your table setting and enjoy seeing your posts. I would like to be lost and come to your house for dinner too :) Happy Fall.

  2. So pretty and comfy cozy!!!! Love the precious comment from Chloe. Such a tender heart!