Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More of Fall...

Today we were on a walk and the girls started collecting acorns.  I remembered that last year when Grandma Bonnie was here she put some acorns from her yard in a little glass dish and then stuck some flowers in them...it was simple and I liked the natural aspect.  After digging through some of the leftover garage sale items we found three matching glass bowls (I was actually glad for once that Mel Trotter hadn't shown up to take the stuff yet)!  A little trick to keep the acorns looking fresh is to hairspray them.  The alcohol acts as a glaze/sealant.

The idea was to give these away as gifts...specifically to Chloe's teacher.  I am kind of feeling selfish now after seeing three in a row, it makes a pretty tablescape...
I love the fact that these were virtually free and from God's abundant natural resources!


  1. You can decorate my house anytime!! :) Oh, that brings back memories of our sleepover after my bridal shower when we started unpacking and arranging the dishes around midnight?! lol Sweet memories!!!!

  2. Wow! What a great idea. Maybe we'll try it.