Friday, December 17, 2010


Christmas vacation has officially begun for Chloe!  Unfortunately, in order to stay on tract, we had to "sneak" in school for Olivia.  If I state it really excitedly like "let's play school!!!!"  The girls are in almost every time.  Of course I try not to overuse that phrase and I was hoping Olivia would not realize that Chloe was in fact officially on "vacation."  Thankfully, Chloe loves school and she didn't mind "playing" with us.  I did Kindergarten at home with both the girls and I really did/do enjoy it.  It was a good experience, but it also makes me thankful that we have a Christian school option. 
So today as we were "playing school" Chloe recognized Olivia's paper and said "OHHHH, I remember that one!"  I didn't think much of it until we were almost done and Olivia was coloring these balls and was in no way making an effort to stay in the lines.  The thought crossed my mind "I wonder what Chloe's paper looked like when she was at this age."  I don't want to come across like it is a competition, but it is incredible to see the different personalities and developments that take place.  So I dug out Chloe's Kindergarten file and found that I did not have that particular page (of course I found the page before and after, but not that ONE).  Murphy's Law.  I did however find the penmanship paper for that day and what I found made me chuckle.  We have recently learned the letter "V" and Olivia does not like to slant her lines.  Can you guess who else did not like to slant??  
 It really cracked me up to see their work side by side.  It was good for Olivia too, to see that this big sister of hers (who she feels like she will never catch up with), was at her stage and made the same mistakes.  She was smiling like the Cheshire cat while we looked at her big sisters papers.  It was fun for Chloe to see her progress.  It made me a lot of things...sad that two years has already FLOWN by, happy that I have another six months with Olivia, amazed at how much they learn in one short year, privileged that I can teach my girls to read, ecstatic that I get a three year break before we even have to think about school for Megan, and lastly, longing to freeze time.
Olivia 5 yrs old

Chloe 7 yrs old

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