Saturday, December 18, 2010

Homemade Sanitizing Wipes

So I had heard of making your own sanitizing wipes, but what really pushed me over the edge to make these was when I discovered you needed to use your electric knife.  That poor electric knife sits in my kitchen drawer all year waiting for Thanksgiving and even then we traditionally go to my grandparent's house - it is indeed a lonely life being an electric knife in my home.   I also happened to stock up on paper towels at Costco the last time we went so I had everything on hand.  Here is what the before looked like:
You just cut the roll (you may need a partial roll, depending on the size of your container), add whatever mix of cleaner you want (some use vinegar for the "greener" option), I personally was only in on this project for the knife. :)  I used water and liquid Lysol, I wanted to use them to disinfect my counters and I like the throw away aspect.  I used Bounty paper towels and they held up amazingly well!  Let the paper towel soak up your liquid and then pull out the inner cardboard tubing...
And Voila! Wipes :)


  1. those look great! I really wanted to make them when Somer posted how to on FB, and I tried, but I failed miserably (no electric knife, and apparently way too much liquid in my container...)
    Your's came out awesome! Such a cool idea.

  2. That's a great idea, I might have to try them! My friend makes her own baby wipes in a very similar way and, ahem, swears by them :-) She says it cuts the cost by 50%-60%.