Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What do Stay-At-Home-Mom's Do All Day????

I have heard people say things of this nature and while every day isn't this crazy, most of them are!  This is another reason I have such a hard time updating my Facebook status - how do you pick just ONE thing and I find it difficult to resist the urge to "explain" everything. 
So today went a little like this:
Feed the children
Read a few verses from Acts
Clean the dishes
Answer the phone
Answer some emails
Marinate chicken for dinner - later
Get meals organized for a family in our church
Make grocery list (I cannot express the amount of mental energy that goes into this process)
Cut/print coupons
Put clean sheets on the guest bed
Do a birthday sign craft with the girls
Get myself ready
Make arrangements to get coats for a family coming in from Singapore
Pick-up coats
Drop off table
Pick-up costume that needs to be returned
Drive to Grand Rapids and drop-off costume
Refrain from road rage
Go to Costco
Pick-up last minute Christmas gifts/groceries
Stand in line for what seemed an eternity
Get gas
Refrain from more road rage on 28th street
Go to Meijer
Come home and unload a mini-sized Meijer store into my cupboards
Start cooking dinner
Make a Boston Cream Pie
Kathryn & Jesse arrive!! :)
Have a fun filled evening catching up with friends
Clean up more dishes
Think for a split second about waking up at 3am to see a red moon...naaaah
This is not an exhaustive list, I did leave out diaper changes, disciplinary chats, cleaning up spilled milk, etc. 


  1. LOL! I have it so easy...Jeff has me so SPOILED:)

  2. I am cracking up at the road rage! It is impossible to list everything us moms do, it is overwhelming to even list it all out.
    I have been really trying to do better at meal planning and grocery shopping just once a week. It is very time consuming to do this, I agree. I found this site call "Say, Mmm" that helps you plan meals and creates your shopping list. It does take a little time the first time you enter the ingredients needed for a recipe, but then it is in there for the future so next time. So you plan your meals, click on the recipes you are making, and it generates the list for you. It is pretty basic and easy to use. I just started using it so I thought I'd share!
    have a wonderful Christmas Sarah!