Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Messages

In our house, ever since our oldest daughter could write a sentence, you never know what note you may find.  Sometimes it surprises me, sometimes it melts my heart, every time it makes me smile or laugh.  Here is a note from Bunny (C's friend from toddlerhood) I found on my washing machine:

It reads: Can you please wash me. C wants you to Please!                 
And this week I went to use the
bathroom and was greeted by a lovely sign and soap options.  Me oh my, did I feel pampered. :)
It reads: Choose any one or choose both, that means mix.  I love the "fine print" at the end...in case you didn't know that if you did in fact choose both that would mean you were getting a mix! lol  She is too much! 

I also got a VERY sweet note this past Saturday night...C and her sister had gotten into trouble for being rowdy and sent to bed early.  The note I found on my bed said: To: Mom, From: C I will give you a quiet day tomorrow, I promis."  That would be one of those heart melting ones I mentioned earlier. 


  1. Oh, I love it! :D

    I wrote a lot of notes to my mom as well, and she saved most of them.

  2. adorable! definitely some keepers!! my mom kept a lot of our notes, and we got some good laughs out of them!

    it's neat to see she has a tender heart, too. hope you enjoyed your quiet day! :)