Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Topiary

I saw this idea to make a rose topiary out of crepe paper/streamers.  It is SO cheap, but I don't think it looks cheap.  I have always loved roses bunched together.  My wedding flowers were just like this, but in soft pink and cream colors. Sorry....rabbit trail, but hey it is the season of LOVE after-all!

To make these balls you will need:

Streamers (cheap at the Dollar Store or Hobby Lobby has the huge rolls for .99)
Hot glue gun
Some sort of ball object (those crafty styrofoam ones would be great).
*It just occurred to me that if you really wanted to do this cheap, you could wad up a bunch of newspaper into a ball shape and put some masking tape around it.  Nobody will be able to see the ball in the end.

Miss O was my helper and we learned about measuring.  She measured two feet of crepe paper into strips for me.  Then the fun part, you get to crumble them up to give them a softer look.
Then lay the strips out flat.  Fold over the top portion a third of the way down like this:
 Starting at one end roll a few times
 Continue to roll it, but start twisting your crepe paper to make it more "bushy" for lack of a better term
 I added a dab of glue at the end of it to "hold" it together.  The end product will look like this:
 Glue the rose to your ball
Once you are all done, and yes this is time consuming...that is a LOT of roses to  wrap, but so pretty in the end!  This would be a good project to do while watching TV or listening to your kids read to you.
You could add ribbon and hang them or make a bunch (different sizes and colors) and put them in a basket or tray...the possibilities are endless!

This is the first of our Valentines craftiness.  More to come will include Valentine's frames, suckers, and a felt banner.


  1. Very pretty! I saw a tutorial on those somewhere else this week too.

  2. LOVE IT! I'm going to have to try this!

  3. Sarah, this is so awesome! I love the bright pink. You are so creative. Looking forward to see what you post next!

  4. Sarah I hate crafts, but I'm soooooo doing this one. Thanks for explaining so well!!!