Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Craigslist Table Makeover

Our dining room is currently empty and we are having a "gender reveal" party this week!  I didn't want to use a boring folding table, besides not wanting to spend money on something so "boring"-   enter Craigslist...love that website.  I found a cute, but ugly table (makes perfect sense, huh?) for $15.  Score!  A can (two cans to be exact) of black spray paint was the only thing standing between me and my girl.
Here is the before:
I loved the edge detail and the "legs"...very girly. :)
Isn't she pretty??

If you are wondering what the random yellow items are for, they are for our "Bee" themed gender reveal party.  I am SO excited about this party and will post all about it later this week.  Here are the invites we sent to our family:


  1. The table turned out really cute! You'd never know it didn't always look that good. I'm excited for you and your reveal party :) (I'm voting boy!)

  2. that table looks amazing! I have a few old desks (in my parent's basement right now) that I want to refunish for an office (ethan's old room since the boys are now sharing).
    Can you tell me how you did it? Did you sand first? after the spray paint did you do a finish coat with anything? does it feel tacky at all? I LOVE the black, and the legs of the table. you did great.
    and what a cute idea to have a gender reveal party. Can't wait to see the pics and find out the news.

  3. Andrea, I did sand actually. I HIGHLY recommend one of those octo-sanders from Lowes or Home Depot. They are only like $30 and have all sorts of attachments for little nooks and crannies and perfect for this type of thing. We also used in on a lot of our trim in our house...makes quick work of what would take a long time! I'll send you link. So the steps were sanding, wiping down with damp rag, and paint. I did two coats of black (satin finish) and I did not do a top coat. I let it dry outside for a good day (day and a half) and it doesn't seem tacky!