Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Gender Reveal Party

What a day!!  It started off with our ultrasound bright and early at 9am.  For those who may not have known we decided NOT to find out (right away).  We asked our ultrasound technician to call our baker with the color the inside of the cake should be (blue for boy, pink for girl).    Man-oh-man was it a LONG day!  The suspense was intense!
We also brought an invitation with us to the ultrasound so she could see what we had planned.  She tucked a "revealing" shot in the back of this frame for us and wrote "Its a____"...we opened it up right after cutting the cake to confirm the bakery had gotten right! lol
Our hearts and our hands are full!!
Me being goofy...the suspense was literally making be bonkers!!
So thankful for this little life...19 weeks
Cakes Plus did an awesome job! They did my wedding cake and my mom has used them a lot over the years!

Team "Boy"

Team "Girl"
The invitation had requested guests to wear either blue or pink depending on their "vote". :)

All set to go...I was freaking out about someone bumping the table and the cake spilling over!! I think Megan sensed my stress level and decided to help lighten me up...

She is TOO much!

Daddy and his girls...he is a GREAT dad.
Trying to get Skype to work...
We were able to connect with Grandma Bonnie, but the conference calling didn't work.  We had to have my sister and brother on phones instead. 
M&M and her M&M's!!

 Ok, here we go...
Yup...its PINK!!!

I do have to say I was disappointed on the "light shade" of pink the bakery used...I was expecting a bright, noticeable coloring.  Upon the bakers recommendations she advised that only the frosting be colored, lest cake crumbs be visible and ruin the "reveal".  It's ok, though...just a tip for anyone thinking of doing this - go for the cake part being dyed!
I love this picture...a piece of my dad was here too.  I have several memories of doing "gas station runs" for this candy (Riesens) while in high school.  I have inherited his love of chocolate and he would have been floored to see us have 4 girls!  Oddly, with this pregnancy I have craved this chocolate several times!  I love you Dad!

My "girl" bestie from childhood days took ALL these amazing pictures.  Love this girl so much, we have been by each other through all of life's major "event's" and she is truly a gift. 

Does she look guilty or WHAT?!!  She definitely had a weeks worth of sugar intake I am sure...who knows what we didn't see!!
The video is below...

The end of this video cracks me mom AND sister both had boy dreams and she was a bit in denial I think! lol  SO funny, in her defense it was super light, in fact, my first reaction was "what does white mean?!?!"   We did pull out the revealing picture to confirm things. :)
I just wanted to end with this picture...I LOVE the picture to the far right of our little girl all curled up.  You can see her little arms and legs in this profile shot.  So tiny and so perfect.  We have decided on the name Abby...Abby Lue.  Lue is Eric's mom's middle name and Abby is from the name "Abigail" which is Hebrew and means "My Father's Joy".  Her due date is on her Daddy's birthday - February 13.  We will see if she makes a birthday gift, but if not I am sure they will share their birthday month!
For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13


  1. Everything looked so cute. I love the girls' dresses. I agree, having just the frosting colored was a little hard to tell what it was. Her name is cute. ☺

  2. How exciting!! You better start stocking up on feminine products now girly, you are gonna need'm. Love the gender party! You are so organized! (This is Jess Moore by the way:)

  3. Congratulations!!! This is a super cute idea!!!

  4. you did such a great job on the party. I loved all the little details, right down to the matching outfits. You guys are the cutest family!
    so excited for you. I love her name too. Congrats!

  5. Love this blog!!! Janelle sure captured the event wonderfully, too! Your comment about the Riesens gave me happy tears<3 Dad would have loved to see you with 4 daughters, too:) I know your 4 will give you unmeasurable joy just as you, Heidi, Allie, & Leah give to me:))))