Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer 2011

Really creative title, huh?!?!  Well this summer has been nuts so I decided to write about it while it is semi-fresh.  This is definitely more for my journal recipes or tips.  I just wanted to add that disclaimer. :)
Summer began with a bang when my sister came out for the month of June...yes the was pure bliss having her here.  We got together for ice cream dates to Charley's, shopping adventures, cousin sleepovers, pool days, and my favorite...a double date with our hubbies.
I love not only our family bond, but our bond in Christ...we are SO on the same page! :)

Same shirt purchased in different states and worn on the SAME day (no phone calls involved)...what can I tell ya, we ARE sisters!

Are they here yet?!?!

Together at last!

The whole gang!

Cheering on Zach at his soccer game!
The "actresses"  The girls put on a play entitled "Lost in the Woods" :)

One of many sleepovers in the matching PJ's!

Does this even need a caption??? SO much love!

Doing what they do best ;)

The beginning of our LOOOOONG bike ride (note the sarcasm, the men got hungry).

Chit chattin'
 We sadly had to say our goodbyes and that pretty much ended our June...well not quite we had an extremely important thing to celebrate on June 29th.  Our little M&M turned 2 years did that happen?!?!
We renamed her "peanut" M&M because she was our smallest baby at 6lbs 14oz...she was such a beautiful newborn!
2 years old!!  Still a peanut...

Opening presents...
She absolutely LOVES babies

The day before our party we were able to pick up some VIP guests from California.  Grandma & Gpa Condron. Uncle Ryan, Aunt Natalie and cousin Kaden! 

And speaking of birthdays...Uncle Ryan turned 28 while he was here.  He even made his famous Lemon/Blueberry Scones for breakfast (wasn't that nice of him to cook for US on his birthday??) lol  It was a day of food, swimming, and we even tried to kill him with "Death By Chocolate." ;) 

  Cutest pool boy EVER! :)

4th of July festivities

Miss O even braved the diving board!

                                                                                                             Mr. T getting the squirt gun to take his revenge on Uncle Eric...muwaahahah!                      Isn't he just edible?!?!


A great evening for a walk on the Grand Haven Pier (Lake Michigan)

Cousins created a "building store" in the woods...what memories they will have! lol
Snug as a bug!
 The girls did great this year at Neighborhood Bible Time!  They each won a Bible and they worked so hard on memorizing verses.

 Our friends came to visit and our girls are the same ages and have the same personalities to a "T"!  It was fun~


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