Friday, November 18, 2011

The curtains are HUNG!!

It's only been what...7 months since we moved???  I FINALLY found window treatments I am pleased with (we won't mention how many screw holes our poor walls have suffered at the hand of my indecisiveness). 
I love seeing "reveals" or "makeovers" so last night after my hubby did the hard part of hanging the rods he went down to his man-cave while I cleaned up and put everything together.  It was so fun "revealing" the final product!  It is also amazing at what some finishing touches will do. 

Here is a picture of our living room pre-crown (one wall was done and we had painted), pretty much move-in stage:
Here is what it looked like when we looked at the house (previous owners):

Here is the current state as of today:

Found a pair of  mirror lamps at a boutique yesterday and was exactly what I was looking for at a great price!
My Grandma Burnett crosstiched this a long time ago and the blue accents are perfect in our living room.  I love seeing things that have sentimental value!

We made our own brackets/rods with stuff from Lowes (love that place).

Other angle...

Close up of the "picture wall"

The lighting was really difficult to get the colors to show realistic, but this is pretty close.  

Just for kicks, I am going to go out on a limb here and put "numbers" up...we had gotten a quote for window treatments to be made and (please contain your gasps) the total for this window ONLY was $1900.00  Yes, that is the correct amount of zeros.  Now imagine if you will being in MY shoes having to look natural and not laugh/cry at that lovely person giving me that quote.  Granted, I did experience first hand the frustrations of the cheap quality of most curtain rods (metal thingy's/thin rods etc.) but still?? $1900.00??  Here is the breakdown of my window treatments:

Finials/rod/bracket/rings: $101
Curtains: $24 (only $12 a panel!!  Super clearanced on and a LONG 108" which is a hard length to find).
Pictures: $40 ($20 each)
Lamps: $80 ($40 each)
Mentos for a good lil' shopper in the checkout lane: .98 cents (priceless) :)

Grand Total: $245.98

Saving just over $1600...not too shabby?  I joked with my hubby that I think I'll get more ridiculous quotes because it makes whatever I spend look really good after such sticker shock.  Muuwahahah...he is a good sport. :)


  1. Gorgeous Sarah! You have such a talent for decorating. I love how sophisticated the whole room looks all put together. The wall sconces are beautiful too. And the picture wall is nice with the C. I really love the curtains and the paint color. Okay, I love it all. Come do my living next? Pretty please? :) You should have been an interior designer. Maybe you could get your own savy designer show on HGTV! great job.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! You did an amazing job!!