Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4th

Today has been a day of remembering and reflection...
three years ago today my dad went to heaven.  It was election day, a beautiful sunny fall day, Bible study day...those are the things I remember.  I had talked to my mom on the phone early in the morning and dad wasn't doing good.  He had been "battling" for a few days and it seemed like a waiting war.  Do I go right now?  Should I vote first?  He would want me to car had a flat tire and I was driving on a doughnut...I should get that fixed first.  Life.  I got "the call" from my sister while loading the girls into my girlfriends van.  It seemed like a whirlwind.  It is honestly a day I don't really like to is exhausting to grieve.   I remember feeling overwhelmingly exhausted.  I was pregnant too.  It makes me sad that my dad hasn't met our little M&M.  He would say she is a "pill"...because that is what I say! :)  Funny how we become more and more like our parents.  I got this picture (below) right before we left the cemetery today and to me it is beautiful.  I had kept scolding Megan for jumping off grave seems disrespectful to me.  This time I didn't scold her though, it felt ok like she would climb up into her grandpa's lap.  So this is her with her back to me (in defiance I'm "ha, is mom OK with this?!?!"), that fact alone makes me laugh because I was the stubborn child and he always told me I'd get my justice some day. :)
I also can't believe that three years ago I was pregnant and low and behold, here we are again!  I think he'd be shocked that we are having four kids (I don't know that I am over that shock yet!). :)
Here is my dad with me on my birthday:

I think he is pretty handsome...even with the 80's glasses. ;)
So thankful for his love...for the loving home I was blessed to be born into and that through my parents I was pointed to a Father who will never leave me.  I have a goodly heritage.  I have the hope of heaven.  God is good.


  1. Precious....what a privilege it was to know him. I talked to your mom today. Drove by the old Ashley church today and saw Amish men working on the steeple. Made me call your mom knowing all the memories. Blessings .....

  2. So beautiful Sarah<3 Love your memories & thoughts. Dad would have loved knowing and holding Megan...standing on his headstone is a close second:) Love that picture to pieces! Thank you for keeping his memory alive by taking the time today w/ the girls. What a gem God gave us in you.
    And yes, he was a very handsome man!! Can't wait to see him again.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures and comments; we have no assurance of how proud your father is feeling concerning you right now. Your family certainly is--you are a very special daughter and do the special things that reflect you alone. The grief and tears come freely to life again at such times as these, but they are healing and special. Love you, Sarah, from Grandma and Grandpa