Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

Our upstairs girl bathroom was in desperate need of some finishing touches.  I have been "nesting" lately and for some reason this project trumped even the baby nursery!  Still waiting on the baby bedding which will determine the paint color, which will determine...anyways, we are waiting on the bedding.  I figure she'll be sleeping in our room for awhile anyways so I have been surprisingly laid back about the whole thing.
Back to the bathroom.  This is what the bathroom looked like when we purchased the house:
You can't see the patriotic red/white/blue eagle border near the ceiling...such a shame.  I mean, I love my country and all, but...

In a moment of impulse (and thinking we'd have time to get to the bathroom), we tore off the backsplash with the thought of tiling our own. *insert cricket noise*  Six months later our bathroom still looked like this:
We had painted it the same color as the girls room, which was also an attempt at a quick fix and it didn't look right.
Poor guy!  Projects never seem to go as smoothly as you think they will in your head!  We ended up doing some drywall repair, repainting the ceiling, removing light fixtures.  Everything has to be done in stages too which can be frustrating!  Such is the life of home renovations though!

The Final Product (as of 10pm tonight) ;)

Toyed with the idea of doing a really "girly" bathroom since we have all girls, but decided on a "spa" theme since what girl doesn't love a spa?!?!  It will grow with them and since it is also a guest bathroom it keeps a neutral feel.

It's the little things...I really love how the tile turned out!

The fixtures are the hardest thing to work around because they are not in bad shape, but the previous owners used every different metal you can think of, brass/chrome/white.  I really loved the "hot"/"cold" lettering on the knobs so we worked with these guys in mind. 

This tiling was a bonus!  Weren't planning on it, but it really tied the bathroom together...Thanks babe!!  (He is a man of many talents!)

The light fixture was brass...nothing a little silver spray paint couldn't fix! ;)


  1. Love this!! We are still in the process of redoing our kitchen,my daddy is coming up from NC to help me repaint it this spring. I need to do our living room too, it's way to dark and not very welcoming , but not sure wht to do with it.We are into a woodsy theme and since our house is more of the rustic style i'd like to keep that theme.:)

  2. I love it! You guys have great interior design skills, I'm always excited to see the pics from one of your projects! The tile is beautiful!