Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Girls Room

I have had an idea for the girls room since we moved and had yet to finish it until TODAY!!  I was looking for a pair of vintage/antique frames whenever I had the chance to hit up a Goodwill or a garage sale, but had no such luck.  I finally bit the bullet and bought some at Hobby Lobby.  It bugs me that I had to pay for something I was going to go home and paint/distress, but time was a factor. 
The project started like this:
 Primed (I wish I had used white primer...the gray made it turn out darker, but I had the gray on hand and used it).
 Painting raspberry red.  Two days later and four coats of paint later we got a reasonable result!

Their room is finished for now!  Woot!


  1. LOVE IT!!! You will be on call when we get a house right :P I'm more than willing to fly in an interior decorator :P

  2. I love it!!! Had no idea what you were up to when I saw the "C" & "O"!!! Very neat!!

  3. Absolutely adorable!! I don't know how you do it all... I still have yet to try to make the "energy bites" from your last blog :p

  4. Wow--watch out Martha Stewart! Very cool, Sarah! --Mari

  5. those came out awesome! Love the color. great job and their room looks like a little girl's dream room. Love it.